Marsha Summers Duo Information Page

This page provides some sample videos of the Marsha Summers Duo to give prospective clients an idea of our music. The focus here is mainly on assisted living facilities and nursing homes, but we also perform in commercial settings like wine bars, private parties and other venues.

A note about assisted living facilities and nursing homes: we can put together special programs that are aimed at music therapy for dementia and Alzheimer's residents and patients. Our familiarity with basic techniques is derived from Alive Inside and related material.

For more information about Marsha, please visit her web site at Brief information about Mike Tarrani is on his personal page. We can also be reached on Facebook on our Marsha Summers Duo page.

Example Videos

For additional videos of commercial performances or themes (Speakeasy, holiday music, etc.) please contact Mike Tarrani. Here are two examples:

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